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What is EZ Party Booking?

EZ Party Booking is a platform where businesses can create and manage their own custom events and admissions. We understand that creating complex events can be well, complex, so we went to work to develop a system that guides you through event creation.

What event types can I create?

Our platform allows you to create each of the following types of events, with or without ticket restrictions:

• Private Party Booking
• One Time Only Event
• Recurring Event
• General Admission

Will I need a new website?

Not at all! All you need to do is add a button to your website which will point your visitors to your new booking page. We’ll set up this page for you and include your company logo.

Can I include paid add-ons for events?

Yes! You can create add-ons and manage them through your dashboard. Add-ons can be anything from a large cheese pizza or 500 arcade tokens to t-shirts and clothing.

What about social distancing guidelines?

EZ Party Booking allows businesses to display their Social Distancing Guidelines for each visitor. You can also set a “Maximum HeadCount” for events and admissions. Once the maximum headcount value is met, bookings will be unavailable for that given time slot.

Can I set up notifications for new events?

Yes! You can add your employees and managers through your online dashboard. You can then designate any of them to receive new booking notifications via text and/or email.

Can I take deposits for events?

You have the option to collect a required minimum deposit or full payment.

What if I have multiple locations?

EZ Party Booking allows you to have multiple accounts so each of your locations can take bookings independent of one another.

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